Begin New Online Shipping Form

If this is your first time here:

Before filling out this form, please contact us first for pickup scheduling. Call: Jeff at 630-677-5333 / Sherry at 630-401-0601; or Email:

The red button below will take you to the LIPS online shipping form. Or you can go to the LIPS Transport LLC home page and click on “Book Now,” Once you fill out their form, click on “Submit” and you will then see your shipping label with barcode. Download and print out one label for each box.

Please print out an extra copy of the label to hand to us. In the case of multiple boxes, you only need to print out one extra label per address.

After you print out the label with the barcode, make sure you attach it to the END of the box, completely covered with clear tape. If you are not sure where it should be placed, we’ll be happy to attach it to the box when we pick it up.

Once you print out a label, and BEFORE you leave the page with the “print” button, we recommend that you save the label to a .pdf file on your local computer. You may need the “Booking Number” on the label for tracking your parcel online.

Okay! Now…press the red button below to open a new LIPS online shipping form.