Padyaks is a balikbayan shipping agent for LIPS.

We provide intermediary balikbayan box shipping from southern Ohio and central Indiana to Chicago and on to the Philippines.


Fully Licensed and Bonded
Free Barcode Tracking

We are planning to pick up balikbayan boxes on Saturday and Sunday, September 12-13. If you are in the Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton areas and have a box to ship to the Philippines, we would be happy to add you to our route schedule.

Meanwhile, while we are just as anxious as you are to get those parcels on their way to help loved ones in the Philippines, know that we will be practicing “social distancing” to the best of our ability. Please stay well!    –Sherry and Jeff

Ship Your Balikbayan Boxes With Us!

We pick up from your door at no extra charge.
There’s no minimum number of boxes.
FREE replacement box for each box shipped.

Larger Mega Box, from LIPS, offers nearly 20% more capacity.

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Call: 1-877-PADYAKS (1-877-723-9257)
Email: pickupmybox@padyaks.com

Frequently Asked Questions About Balikbayan Boxes