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Padyaks is now a shipping agent for Makati Express Cargo.

We provide once-a-month intermediary balikbayan box transportation from Southern Ohio and Central Indiana to the Makati Express shipping facilities near Chicago. We now also pick up in the Chicago area as well as Downstate Illinois.

Makati Express Cargo

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[NOTE: For boxes shipped via Padyaks, enter “USIL (your invoice number) SPIL” with letters in ALL CAPS.]

Due to severe winter weather forecasts, we have rescheduled our next trip to Ohio for the weekend of February 27-28, 2021.

If you are in the Cincinnati, Columbus or Dayton areas and have a box to ship to the Philippines, we would be happy to add you to our route schedule.

Why heft and drive your heavy box to some faraway drop-off location?

Ship Your Balikbayan Boxes With Us!

We pick up from your door at no extra charge.
There’s no minimum number of boxes.
*FREE replacement box for each box shipped.

*Includes Large and Jumbo Boxes — Super Jumbo Box replacement is extra.

Now, there are THREE sizes of boxes to choose from…

Makati Express Large Box
19″ x 17½” x 28½”
Makati Express Jumbo Box
25″ x 17½” x 28½”
Makati Express Super Jumbo Box
35″ x 17½” x 28½”

The Super Jumbo Box is nearly twice the size of the Large Box. This box holds a whopping 17,000+ cubic inches of cargo!

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Call: 1-877-PADYAKS (1-877-723-9257)
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Frequently Asked Questions About Balikbayan Boxes