About Padyaks

Mountains near Casuray


Our Products

The word “green” is used a lot to describe products made of sustainable materials. Of course, what could be greener or more eco-friendly than raw plant materials, shaped by human hands into beautifully functional items for the home or office?

At Padyaks, our goal is to seek out and bring to you the finest all-natural, handcrafted products. We’re very particular about the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Take large baskets, for example. We’ll choose wood frames over wire whenever we can.

Where We Get Our Name

Our name comes from the pedicabs in the northern Philippines that carry not only people, but also a wide range of goods and raw materials from place to place (see What Is a Padyak?). As we grow, we, too, plan to ”carry” a wide range of goods.

We have founded this company after years of experience in managing retail outlet stores in the Midwest. Yet, many of the imported items you see here will not be found in any outlet or department stores here in the U.S.

We Buy Directly From Artisans

Making Basket with Bukad-smallWe’re a small, yet socially responsible international business, with family members participating on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

This means we can often purchase items directly from artisans or local factories – many of which we know personally. In other words, we do almost all our own wholesale buying.Nearly Finished Handbag-small

Also, by focusing on supporting talented individuals who have limited resources, it is our way of bringing the global economy to artists who truly need it the most. When you purchase a basket or handbag from us, you help put food on that artist’s family table thousands of miles away. In return, they’ve helped beautify your small part of the world.

It’s a bit challenging for us to facilitate this nearly direct, yet “global” exchange. But it warms our hearts…and we wouldn’t do it any other way.