Is Your Shipper Licensed?

International shipping and moving companies must be licensed or registered by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), an agency of the United States Government. As a part of the licensing process, such companies are required to post an insurance surety bond for your protection.

Verify the legal status of any shipping company by visiting the FMC’s Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTI) List.

To quickly find Logistics International Parcel Shipping Transport¬†LLC¬†on the list of NVOCCs, search by “Trade Name,” then type in “LIPS.”


LIPS Licenses
  • State of Illinois Certification:
    File Number: 0390514-4
    Authentication Number: 1305702746
  • US Federal Maritime Commission:
    Ocean Transportation Intermediary License Number : 024103N
  • Surety Bond Number: JGINVOC3163